Frequently Asked Questions About CONNECT:

I am a UCLA Lab School parent with questions about an upcoming research project at the school. Who should I contact?

Parents are informed of upcoming research projects via the Backpack Notes weekly newsletter, and in the Projects section of this website. Any questions or concerns about student participation in these studies should be directed to CONNECT. Alternatively, parents may contact the Principal Investigator of any specific study; contact information for PIs can be found here.

Why did you change your name from the Urban Education Studies Center (UESC) to CONNECT?

We changed our name to better convey our purpose as an organization that brings together researchers, practitioners and others to examine a variety of issues and ideas in elementary education and child development. Just as a teacher’s purpose is to help children connect with the curriculum, and to connect the curriculum with real world experiences, our aim is to connect research on teaching and learning with the everyday lives of teachers, children and schools.

How do I get on the mailing list for Connections?

Connections is distributed twice yearly to anyone who requests it. Click here to add your name and address to our list.

I would like to reprint a Connections article in my organization’s publication. How do I get permission to do so?

For reprint permission or to request print copies of current or back issues of the newsletter, contact CONNECT:

330 Charles E Young Drive North
Box 951619
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1619

How can I find out about opportunities for my school to partner with CONNECT?

CONNECT collaborates with schools on a variety of issues affecting elementary education. Visit our Projects page for more information or contact CONNECT.

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