2019 Developing Robots to be Companion Learning Tool for Early Literacy and Language Learning

Professors Alison Bailey, PhD  (310-825-1731 or abailey@gseis.ucla.edu).

Dr. Abeer Alwan PhD. (310) 206-2231 or alwan@ucla.edu)

Graduate School of Education & Information Studies researchers in Education in collaboration with Engineering

Participants: ECI ECII classrooms 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

Keywords: Computer-Supported early literacy,  language learning

Dr. Alison Bailey and her team from GSEIS doing a longitudinal study following students from EC to Upper Levels.

Focus: A research and development initiative on the design and implementation of social robots for the teaching of reading and literacy skills for young children. Such robots are programmed to understand child input, provide evaluation information to teachers on their reading and literacy levels, and adapt response questions and teaching approaches to promote steady learning and improvement.


Findings:  This new National Science Foundation-funded project aims to improve the ability for machines like Jibo to understand the speech of children so that they can inform educational applications in the crucial areas of oral language and early literacy instruction.