Developing Practical Knowledge about Disciplinary Reading Instruction

This project seeks to understand how to teach reading in the content areas, especially as part of social studies/history instruction. The study will involve meetings with teachers, interviews with teachers and students, and classroom observations. Students may be videotaped during some of the lesson observations. The children of parents who have not consented to videotaping will not be filmed. The project will also collect student work samples and written assessments in order to measure reading and learning outcomes. As parents have already signed the UCLA Lab School blanket consent form, they are not required to sign any additional forms at this time. Nicole Mancevice, a doctoral student at UCLA, developed the study. She will work with Dr. Kimberley Gomez, professor in the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA, as she completes the study. Any questions about this study should be directed to Nicole Mancevice ( or Dr. Kimberley Gomez ( or 310-825-0991).