Early Childhood Literacy Project – OSEP Grant Study

Leading UCLA researchers in collaboration with Lab School faculty are working to co-design a series of reading interventions for ECII and Primary students as part of regular practice to support young students’ early literacy. This research study will seek to determine the impacts of those interventions on students’ reading. The Lab School regularly uses assessments to help identify and support students who are at-risk of reading challenges and/or dyslexia in early grades in order to prevent them from falling behind in reading. As a result, students receive targeted interventions to support their development. This research project will be using data from these classroom practices to assess the impacts of various interventions on students. As part of their project, researchers will ask parents of students participating in various interventions to voluntarily complete a short questionnaire on their child’s background and reading habits. Also included would be a voluntary short survey on the level of parent satisfaction with the program at the end of each year their child participates in it. None of the data, analyses, or reports from the study will contain any identifiable information about any child. As parents have already signed the UCLA Lab School blanket consent form, they are not required to sign any additional forms at this time. This study was developed by a postdoctoral researcher and a professor in the UCLA Education Department. Parents are welcome to contact Dr. Laura Rhinehart (laura.rhinehart@ucla.edu) or Dr. Maryanne Wolf (maryanne@maryannewolf.com) with any questions