Elementary Students’ Dispositions, Goals and Engagement in Problem Solving in Mathematics

This study explores the goals that students have for math class and how these goals are related to the way they engage in problem solving. The study will take place in an intermediate classroom and will focus on students’ self report about goals as well as how these goals are reflected in their problem solving activities. Classroom observations and interviews with the teacher and students will take place over the school year. In addition, students may be videotaped during mathematics class (if parents did not consent to their child being videotaped, then he or she will not be filmed). As parents have already signed the UCLA Lab School blanket consent forms, they are not required to sign additional forms. This study has been developed by Melissa Kumar, a UCLA doctoral student. She will be working with Professor Noel Enyedy, Director of Research at The Lab School as she carries out the project. Any questions about this study should be directed to Melissa Kumar (mjdkumar@ucla.edu or 206-7550767).