Energy Conservation

In collaboration with Lab School teaching staff, researcher Magali Delmas, Professor at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and Anderson School of Management and her team will be conducting a CONNECT research project called the the “Dial Down Challenge.” It is designed as a 5-week project where Upper I and Upper II students and their families learn about energy efficiency and work together to implement simple and no-cost changes to lower their utility bills. In addition to classroom discussions and check ins, students and their families will be working collaboratively at home around energy saving strategies which will include one self-guided activity per week. Every week focuses on a different aspect of energy consumption, so families can explore, learn and collaborate in fun activities around the house. All materials will be sent via email.

The contents of the research study will be part of planned classroom activities, however, because data collection includes energy saving information from home, a separate consent form needs to be completed to participate. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the research, please visit the website at or contact the principal investigator, Dr. Magali Delmas Principal Investigator ( or Dr. Gursel Aliyev (