KATES: Kids Adapting to Elementary School

KATES examines how children’s temperament and personality develop at school and relate to scholastic success. We explore how traits such as persistence, sociability, and cheerfulness affect children’s academic achievement and patterns of friendship during elementary school. We are also interested in how relationships with teachers and other caregivers promote adaptation to school among children with a range of temperament styles. Research methods include meeting with children at school and interviewing them about themselves and their relationships. We also collect parent information regarding children’s relationships and personality traits, including worry and anxiety. Some children who have high anxiety are also offered an intervention, in which they learn to use relaxation and positive thinking strategies to increase confidence and focus at school and at home. Please note that this study falls outside of the UCLA Lab School blanket consent form. As such, parents must sign and return an additional consent form if they would like to participate. Questions about this study may be directed to Dr. Jeffrey Wood, professor of Education at UCLA, at (310) 825 7292, or jwood@gseis.ucla.edu.