SPASES: Semiotic Pivots and Activity Spaces for Elementary Science

The SPASES project aims to use new sensing technologies to help translate young children’s physical actions during pretend play into a simulation that helps them learn concepts of force and motion. As Primary level students in rooms 11 & 12 physically move around the classroom, the computer will track their motion and interactions with select objects and translate their physical activity into a shared display. Imagine something like an education version of the Nintendo Wii game console, where instead of just playing games, the students are engaged in scientific inquiry and modeling. As part of the study, children will be interviewed, and their in-class work will be examined. As parents have already signed the UCLA Lab School blanket consent form, they are not required to sign any additional forms at this time. Additionally, if in the blanket consent form parents gave us permission to do so, children may be videotaped while they are engaged with the lesson. Any questions about this study should be directed to Noel Enyedy, Director of Research at UCLA Lab School/CONNECT, at (310) 825 5467, or