Text, talk, and varieties of artistic representation: Affordances for learning in multimodal literacy activities experienced by children

This project aims to teach students about basic science concepts (such as hibernation, plants, water cycle, etc…). Learning sessions will be designed to help children remember the information that they have learned. As part of the study your child will be interviewed. As you have already signed the blanket consent form, you do not have to sign any additional forms. Additionally, if in the blanket consent form you gave us permission to do so, your child may be videotaped while they are engaged with lessons. The study will be conducted primarily by Haley Vlach, a PhD student at UCLA. She will also be working closely with Dr. Noel Enyedy, Director of Research at UES/CONNECT and Catherine Sandhofer, Assistant Professor of Psychology. If you have any questions about the study please contact Haley Vlach at (310) 206-8286.